The Count

This week in English class we have started a new kind of Socratic seminar called BRAWL.  During the BRAWL, the class breaks into teams of four which work together throughout the BRAWL.  At the beginning of the week, each student submits a question based on our reading (The Count of Monte Cristo) and our teacher selects the best questions for different categories of analysis.  The questions are broken up into theme, organization, specific, unusual, comparison, etc.  Then, each team works together to answer the questions as best as they can and on the day of the BRAWL, one person from each group is chosen to represent the team.  These “tributes” are then grouped in a circle in the middle of the class and a random question is asked to each.  As the questions are swirled around the circle, the others can chime in to get points for their team.

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