As a high school student, I’m concurrently taking a business class at a local community college.  Today, a conversation I had with a group of students prompted me to write this post.

“I don’t like the classes where you have to show up every day!”  A student said this and a bunch of others agreed.  I immediately thought, what’s wrong with these people?  Why would you not want to show up to the class that you paid for?  Don’t you want to learn?

Apparently not.

In no way does this article mock community college students.  Many of them are hardworking individuals, but it was this specific group of people that really ticked me off.


After the consensus in this group of students was that “attending class sucks,” I immediately jumped in and objected.  “Why would you not want to show up to the class you paid for?  Isn’t the point of going to college to learn?”  To my surprise, another student jumped in and helped my argument.  “If you want to go anywhere after this place [community college], you’ve got to work hard and show up to class!”

The other students of course objected saying that “the grade depends on the tests,” and etc.

It has always been my belief that you must go to class and participate, no matter how much you may dislike it.  In the current class I’m taking now, more than half of the students show up late, and more than 1/3 of the students have dropped the class within the first three days.  I’m working in a group of students for a presentation, and it is me, the high school student, doing almost all the work.

Something needs to be done about this mentality.  People cannot just slack off and not show up to class.  The taxpayers pay a heavy amount of money in order to fund the community college system, and literally 1 in 3 students waste their time.

College is an education.  High school is an education.  Middle school is an education.  Elementary school is an education.  How much of this education do the underprivileged kids in developing nations get?  Think of that, then realize how lucky you are to even have access to the education resource you have now.

Take school seriously.



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