I’ll Take it Black

Recently, I was pulling an all-nighter studying for a final.  I’d gotten home at noon and the exam was the following day.  Having not a minute to spare, I immediately began slaving over my book.

I had no time to take a nap, yet I’d only gotten an hour of sleep the night before, how was I going to survive the next 18 hours?

Coffee.  You betcha.


I went to my kitchen and brewed a huge pot to the top, but then I realized I ran out of cream!  Oh well, I thought, it’s about time I “be a man” anyway and learn to drink it black.

So I went back to my office and powered through the next eight hours.  The black coffee wasn’t even that bad, but I realized something.  There was no way I’d ever been able to study that way.  During those first eight hours, I didn’t even get tired or stop–once.  It was amazing!

All that with one cup.  I went back to the kitchen and poured myself another.

With two cups of black coffee, I was effectively able to stay up a combined 40 hours in total.  My normal, creamed-to-the-max cup of joe wouldn’t have pushed me to this limit!

After doing some careful research, I found that black coffee has more of an effect on the body.  Why?  Without the additives, the coffee can process more easily in your body, delivering more caffeine and antioxidants to your system.

So the moral of this story is, take it black if you want all you can get out of your coffee!

Happy studying!



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