Slackers: Part I

Hey everyone, I’ve recently noticed that my blog has been getting many hits.  More than a thousand in just a few short months!  Before I begin with my next article, I’d like to thank all of my avid readers and I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.  There’s a lot more great stories to come!

I am currently a sophomore in high school.  Today, I’m writing about some of the things I’ve learned about people’s character.

High school.  It’s challenging, time consuming, and for many, it’s a waste of their time.  It is, in my opinion, the most important time in any persons’ life.  I believe that your performance in high school determines what you will do in life.  Will you be going to college, or are you going to get a job straight out?  Are you going to graduate and be successful, or are you going to drop out and fail?  In summary, it is extremely important.  Me?  I’m an A student who is applying myself and is determined to attend a top university.  Who I’m writing about?  This person is a complete slacker.

This guy used to be my best friend in middle school, we spent every day together.  The only difference was that I cared about my education, and he didn’t.

He was never a good student or that smart, and I didn’t blame him for that.  However I blame him for not trying.  On a daily basis, he didn’t do his homework.  His report card had one continuous letter on it, and I’ll leave you to guess on that.  He spent all of his free time playing video games.  Now?  His situation is even worse than before.

Back when we were in middle school, he kept promising his family that “he’d do better in the next trimester,” and when that didn’t happen, “I’m going to do better in eighth grade!”  Guess what didn’t happen.

Now he’s in high school, only three months into the year, and the slacking has not ended.  He’s failing in all of his classes.  He was lucky enough to get on the high school’s soccer team, but he quit because he wanted to go home earlier and play his video games.  He’s trying to quit his Spanish class because he’s too lazy to do any of the homework and doesn’t want to do a project.  He believes that the “freshman year doesn’t count” and he uses that as an excuse not to apply himself.

He is the biggest slacker I’ve ever met and there’s no end.  I guarantee when his perception of freshman year’s grace period is over, he will be making the same excuses and won’t be trying.  His solution for not trying in a class?  Drop the class!

When we were in middle school, he believed that he’d get into college through a sports scholarship.  He made it to the high school’s soccer team, but he quit.  Bye bye to that dream!  He didn’t even play sports!  People who receive scholarships for basketball, soccer, baseball; they’re out practicing every day and are succeeding in school.  His belief was just a complete excuse to be lazy.

After he quit the soccer team, he told me that you could be “rich” and successful even if you didn’t go to college.  That happening to him is one in a million.  Studies show that people who go to college make more per year than those who don’t, and a high school degree alone doesn’t get you as far as it did in the past.  Yet again another excuse!  I doubt that with his poor performance he won’t even graduate from high school.

He is lazy and unfortunate.  He thinks that being popular is all that matters.  However, he isn’t liked by almost everyone.  I swear to God every single person I’ve asked about him, the first words out of their mouths were “I hate that kid!”  They said he was annoying and self-righteous.  Even the people who’ve stuck by him trash talk him to the extreme behind his back.

He wants to quit his Spanish class, however to graduate high school you’re required to take two years of a foreign language.  If he quits now (I don’t think that he will be able to) than he’ll have to retake the class next year, and he’s already done with a third of the year!

I’m no longer his friend because I don’t like the way he acts and how he makes so many excuses.  He slacks off in almost everything he does.  He doesn’t care about his future at all.  It’s his loss!  I just don’t want to be around him.  The most significant reason I dislike him is because he thinks everyone’s going to want him for his looks; employers and women.  Let me give you a piece of advice that you should live on.  If you’re a slacker and you don’t care about school, it doesn’t matter if you look as good a supermodel, nobody is going to want you.  Do you think that businesses are going to want lazy slackers on their payroll?  Do you think that women will want a man who can’t provide for his family?

There was a short time when I was like him.  When I realized this problem, I snapped back to reality and am now back to my days of excelling.  I tried to help my friend, to get him out of his situation, however when I tried he was just appalled.  “You’re doing homework at recess?  You’re gay!”

Slackers are a huge problem in today’s society.  Many people today believe that they are entitled to a life without doing anything.  If you want to lead a successful life, you need to work toward it!  Being lazy doesn’t get you very far.

This person and all of the slackers out there are just more complications of everyday life.  He has the perfect opportunity to succeed, but since he thinks he’s going to lead a good life because of his “good looks” and popularity, this opportunity is quickly fading away.

You only get one chance, utilize it.  If you’re in school, I hope this story inspires you to do well.


This past week has been our finals week.  I ran into the slacker on the street, and I asked him if he was going to study.  You’ll never guess what he told me.

“THERE’S NO WAY TO STUDY FOR FINALS!”  Ahem… I literally gagged and started laughing uncontrollably in front of him.  Then he made the laziest comment ever, “What am I supposed to do, look through the whole book?”

After I was done laughing, he started getting angry at me because he thinks that people who go to college are failures.  He now thinks that he’s going to be a famous actor, and that’s just another one of the hopes he’s holding onto because he’s too lazy to even try.

One last thing that I remembered.  He told me one day that the average American salary was $16k per year.  My mouth dropped and I corrected his logic.  Then he started arguing with me and he gave me these examples: “A lot of people work at fast food restaurants,” and, “abortion pills are free.”  Well…

He’s obsessed with sex so okay he would say something about abortion pills (which don’t even exist and if they did they’d be illegal), and I don’t know where he’s learning this stuff.  I can’t wait for the day he get’s some girl pregnant and won’t be worried because he’d tell her to take an abortion pill.  If he wants to make 16k a year off of welfare he can be my guest.

Folks, just please, DO NOT be like him.  Don’t be lazy, don’t be stupid.


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