While in Las Vegas, I had nothing to do, plus I’d eaten at one too many of the buffets.  So, I decided to go biking to burn off those extra calories (yes, I brought my bike, don’t ask).  I was too cheap to pay for the fitness center so off I went, onto the unfamiliar, dirty, and dangerous Nevada streets, where drivers cut you off and guess what, there is no bike lane.

In nice Orange County, I don’t ride my bike on the street, but even if I did, the drivers would be careful enough to “share the road.”  Here, they expected me to ride within half a foot of cars when the law mandates that there must be three feet in between bicycles and cars.  No, I opted for the safe route, the sidewalk.

For those who know me, they know that I bike outrageously far distances, and that’s what I did that day.  I ended up in the nearby city of Henderson, where guess what, I was pulled over by a cop.  Yes, a cop.

Let me walk you through what happened.  I was in Henderson, Nevada, but a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer pulled me over.  How odd.  The fat officer got out of his car and asked me for ID, then proceeded to tell me that I was riding on the sidewalk, which was illegal, and also I had no helmet on.

I complained to this officer and told him he was outside his jurisdiction, because he was in Henderson, not Las Vegas.  The officer ignored me.  He asked for my information then started writing two tickets.  That’s when I went on the offensive.

This pretty much an outline of what we said to each other.  It wasn’t as straightforward but you get the point.

“Officer, you’re outside your jurisdiction and have no authority to ticket me, and also there’s no way I could share the road, look at the street!”
“Quiet Mr. Carr, what’s your parent’s phone number?”
“Officer, may I speak to your Captain?”
“No.  Tell me your parent’s phone number or I’ll arrest you.”
“On what charge?”
“I can arrest you for whatever I want son, now what’s your parent’s number?!?!”
“Give me your name and badge number, I’m calling the Internal Affairs Department.”
At this point, the officer hesitated.  He handed me the tickets and the location fields stated two streets down, streets IN LAS VEGAS.
“You’re outside your jurisdiction, unlawfully giving me a ticket, and threatening to arrest me without cause.  Give me your name and badge number.”  I pulled out my phone and prepared to call.
“Pay the ticket son.”  He then tried to walk to his car to get away.  I looked at the bogus tickets.
“All I need for Internal Affairs is your name and badge number, which is on this ticket!  Are you going to perjure yourself just because you wanted to ruin my day?”
The officer walked up to me, grabbed the tickets from me, and crumpled them.
“Have a good day,” he said as he drove away.

Well, it’s a great thing to know the law, this is the second time I’ve gotten out of a ticket by threatening to call Internal Affairs.  This time, the officer was writing me an illegal ticket.

Officer A. Patrick, badge number 44015, is a LVMPD officer.  He w as in the city of Henderson, outside of his jurisdiction, where he could not ticket or arrest me.  Also, he threatened to take me into custody without just cause or a warrant.  Yes, I was riding on the  sidewalk (for my own safety) and not wearing a helmet, but if he caught me two streets down he could have ticketed me.

This really angered me because the officer thought he could take advantage of me because I was a kid.

I called LVMPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau to file a complaint and they haven’t gotten back to me yet, but I hope they take action against the officer.  If you’d like to question Officer Patrick, call LVMPD’s Traffic Bureau at (702) 385-5555.

This happened a while ago, and Internal Affairs never got back to me.  Oh well, another injustice for the American citizen.


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