Slackers: Part II

Well if you’ve read my previous post, “Slackers,” you know that the person I’m writing about is a lazy incompetent fool, and I’m writing a whole second part because many events have transpired in these few short months.  Hope you all are entertained by this!

The slacker.  He is exactly as his nickname sounds, a lazy teenager who does absolutely nothing productive and is throwing away his life.  In my previous post, I’d noted how he didn’t care at all about school and was an overall bad person.  Well this statement has expanded ten-fold.

First, he’s taken up smoking e-cigarretes.  No surprise there!  He believes that there’s nothing wrong with doing this and believes he’s being cool by taking it out and smoking it in class.  Every opportunity he gets he pulls out his cigarette and gives it a puff in front of people to promote himself.  The funny thing about this is that he got a throat infection from it!  Not only is this illegal, but it is outright bad for him!  He denies that there’s nicotine in his cigarette, but what do e-cigs contain?  What is the main ingredient that keeps people coming back?  NICOTINE.  This isn’t even the worst part, do you want to know how he got his drugs?  HE STOLE HIS GRANDMA’S CREDIT CARD.  To my knowledge, she is very sick with congestive heart failure, and does nothing but cares for the slacker, yet he treats her like a sack of garbage!  Someone who loves him and tends to his needs everyday, and he goes off and steals her credit card to buy cigarettes!  I think this speaks volumes about his bad character.

Second, his school situation has gotten worse.  Remember how he said, “Oh I’ll do better next year!”  Well he hasn’t done anything to improve his grades AT ALL.  In the past few months, he’s gotten mostly F’s in the easiest classes possible.  He always brags to me about how, “Back in 5th grade I used to get all A’s!”  5th grade, grow up and take a little responsibility!  Instead of bragging about your capabilities, put them to good use!  One of his teachers straight up told me, “That piece of s**t doesn’t care about school!”  The fact that a teacher told me this proves how lazy and incompetent he is!

Just recently we freshmen had a seminar on college and where it will get you in life, and that day the slacker came up to me and reinforced his belief that “Colleges don’t look at your freshman year.”  As you know, he uses that as an excuse to do nothing.  He dropped his Spanish class, when he was halfway done with the year.  He quit soccer and is short on twenty credits!  What’s even worse is that he still thinks that everybody is going to want him!

People think that I exaggerate about the slacker.  I do not, in the slightest.  In fact, I think that I understate how ridiculous and lazy he is.  You may be thinking that he is just the average high school delinquent, but no he’s much worse.

One of my most important points, he is a terrible person.  He treats his friends like garbage, just like his family and anyone close to him.  He steals money, trash talks them, and is never a genuine friend.  He sets up fights for entertainment and believes that he’s so smart and good looking.  Some of the worst points?  He tells people that he’s a devout Christian and then proceeds to make fun of other religions.  “dude i sware to god!” (notice the spelling and grammatical errors).  I’ve just quoted him about a thousand times.  Since I’m Asian, he believed that I was Buddhist and made fun of me for that.  Why do I write about him?  He’s destroyed my relationships with people, insulted me, physically attacked me, stole from me, and in some ways even ruined my life.  I’m still repairing the damage that he’s done, and I will carry it around for the rest of my life.

His friends all left him.  He has nobody, and this is very understandable considering nobody likes him.  He’s a smoking, lazy, annoying fool that no one wants to be around.   What is the topic of discussion at sleepovers?  His sexual deviancy and innuendo, which I find funny considering he’s a “Devout Christian.”  For you girls who know whom I’m talking about, I advise you stay away from him.

Just two days ago, he walked up to me while I was cleaning out my locker and he put gum on my back.  For no reason at all he just decided to do this, and thought it was funny.  I had to wear a PE shirt all day and the one I was wearing was destroyed.  He still thought it was funny.  The only reason I didn’t punch him in the face and bang his head against a wall is because I remembered where I’d be in life compared to him, and I told myself I wasn’t letting him destroy mine any further.

I want the slacker to read these articles, because I’m not afraid to stand up to him.  Not only that, but the fact that this is all true would be a good splash in the face for him!  I told him on numerous occasions when I ran into him, “Read my blog, you’ll really enjoy it!”  He never did, for months, until someone told him that there was a story about him on it.  Only then did he rack up the nerve to read my blog, then he called me making the same excuses I’ve described time and time again.

If you are someone like this, turn your life around.  What will the slacker develop into when he’s older?  He’ll be living with his parents, with no job and no high school degree.  Just a Playstation that he’ll beg his mom to buy games for.  He has absolutely nothing to show for his life at all, and he doesn’t care about the easiest (and only) job he’ll ever have, school.  He doesn’t care about his family, friends, or anybody around him, and steals his grandmother’s credit card to buy illegal drugs.  Do you get the gist of it?

Please folks, reflect on what I’ve written here today and remind yourself to always do your best in life!  Don’t slack off, don’t do drugs, and value the people around you!  You don’t want to be like this person at the bottom of the barrel.  And slacker, if you’re reading this, I sincerely encourage you to take steps to make your life worth something.



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