Earth Day

Since today is Earth Day, it is especially important that we take the time to enjoy our world, and spend time outside.  In English class, our teacher took us on a tour around our high school, pointing out different interesting features, and just letting us take in the outdoors.  We weren’t aloud to talk and it was nice and peaceful.

My favorite place of peace is being alone on the golf course.  It’ s amazing how tranquil a golf course can be, in the middle of a bustling city.  A nice secluded place of nature; squirrels darting among the branches, birds chirping, leaves blowing.  After school rounds of golf are great because I can just relax and enjoy myself.  Not thinking about my day and all the loads of homework I have to complete when I get back home.

This past week, my friends and I journeyed to the nearby country club in the middle of the night.  Without lights, the course became beautiful in a new way.  It was dead silent, and amazingly peaceful.  Walking along the fairways felt like the first time even though I had been there many times.  The lakes were breathtaking in the moonlight.  With the nice, cool breeze, I was tempted to just lay down and sleep right there, in the middle of the course.  If you ever have nothing to do at night, go for a walk or a short bike ride down to your local park.  You won’t regret it.


One thought on “Earth Day

  1. This was a very pleasant post, and a pleasant memory 🙂
    Quick correction, (minor thing), “aloud” is “out loud”, and “allowed” is “permitted.”

    Write on, my friend~

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