Today in English class, we made a list of things that make us angry.  Everybody feels anger at one point or another due to different stimulus, but how we deal with this “anger” is what is important.  Anger can be expressed in many different forms including annoyance, resentment, irritation, etc.  After we all finished creating our lists, based on different categories, our teacher asked us to pick one of them and write what we could do to counteract it.  I think that this is a very practical activity to deal with our problems.  I never realized how many things annoy/anger me until I created my list.

Many of the things I wrote down, can be fixed easily, its just a matter of motivation.   For example, it makes me angry when I waste time and then have to rush to get my piles of homework done.  I’ve really been procrastinating hard this year and if I just managed my time better, and didn’t get distracted by other things, then I could easily finish my homework quickly. I urge anyone reading this to try to make a change.  Figure out what you’re struggling with and fix it.  You should never be angry with something because there is always a way to make it better.




One thought on “Anger

  1. Couple things: 1. Don’t forget that EACH of you is supposed to be writing a blog post a week. #2. I MORE than welcome criticism of The BRAWL. I created it because of complaints about Socratic Seminars, but it’s never a finished project. Instead of debating whether it is useless or not, why don’t you write a post and help me fix it. That will then help future students which would be very nice of you.

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