Mother Nature and Golf

Living in California has always produced a high chance of earthquakes, but this week has been crazy.  Three earthquakes have rocked southern California in the last week.  Two of which were in the last day.  One last night, and one this afternoon.  Although they were not very intense and didn’t produce any major damage, people are beginning to worry about “the big one.”  Geologists believe that every so many years, the San Andreas fault line is due to have a big earthquake.  We are overdue for this big earthquake and many believe that it could occur at any time.  Be prepared!

Because I was golfing during today’s earthquake, it got me wondering about natural disasters affecting golf tournaments in the past.  I know that in the event of lightning, play will be postponed due to danger.  Not the best idea to be walking around with metal sticks during a lightning storm.  With some research, I found two instances where mother nature produced disastrous instances for golfers.

On June 30, 2012, a powerful storm delayed the start of round 3 of the AT&T National at Congressional Country Club.  The storm uprooted dozens of trees, including a 75-foot tree that crashed across the 14th fairway.  Play was suspended for six hours and spectators and volunteers were kept off the course the entire day.  Because of this, they had to play round 3 without fans.  The storm also knocked out power to more than 400,000 customers in the area.


High winds in Doral, Florida on March 10, 2011 turned the WGC- Cadillac Championship scoreboard into a mangled wreck of metal during the first round.  Play was suspended for the day due to dangerous weather.  The backside of the 18th-hole leaderboard also went down due to the storms.

World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Round One




Stay safe everyone!



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