California vs. Other States

California.  The land of sandy beaches, great weather, hot women, and many other wonderfully cliché things.  It is also a land of tragedy and despair. In this article I’m writing the basis to compare the state of California to others like Arizona, Nevada, and Washington.  Those comparisons will come in accompanying posts.  California is the land of high taxes, illegal immigration, high unemployment, skyrocketing poverty, under-performing schools, street crime, violence, high cost of living… should I go on?  If I did I could probable continue writing for a whole thousand pages!

Personally, I live in California, specifically in an area dubbed Orange County.  This area denotes one of the hottest real estate markets in all of America, because it is safe, clean, and is a good place to raise a child–for the most part.  However, with all these wonderful benefits you pay a very hefty penny. Here’s some to name a few:

  • California Taxes (Highest in the Nation)
  • Extremely High Property Values ($500k+ average)
  • Extremely High Cost of Living (2nd in the Nation)

Now here are some of the cons of living in Orange County, the hottest real estate market of California:

  • Terrible, Unmaintained Roads
  • The 405 Freeway
  • High Crime in Many Areas
  • Illegal Immigrants
  • Under-performing Schools
  • Orange County Transportation Authority

So if it’s this bad in Orange County, how bad can it be in the rest of California?

I can name countless areas, Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire for example, that are complete trash.  I ask myself why some people work their whole lives just to come to this state.  Trust me its not worth it.

For the most part, if you want to live in California, you have to pay a hefty mortgage payment for a single-family home.  You must have a decent, high paying job and you have to be educated.  Sounds like this state is a great place to live with all these decent people around right?

WRONG.  California is right on the border of Mexico, and you get HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants who descend upon this state for a new life.  100% of California’s population growth in the past 10 years has come from illegal immigration and the children they have while in the state of California.  (Source: Reuters)  Everywhere you go you will likely encounter the illegal immigrants, who cause our taxes to be raised, our crime to go up, and our schools to overcrowd.

Oh, but how could they ever afford to live here?  That burden is placed upon the taxpayers of this state.  They live off of us.

California has “Hollywood” and Los Angeles, great historical and metropolitan landmarks of the world, right?  Ha ha ha, very funny.  Every metropolitan area in Southern California is COMPLETE TRASH.  I remember the first time I went on a venture downtown with a few friends.  We were hounded by the homeless, disgusted by the smell of marijuana and urine, almost robbed by many individuals, and witnessed illegal immigration at its finest.

Now San Francisco is another story.  It’s nice and clean and for the most part, very civilized.  However, you have the million-dollar price tag to accompany that.

Regardless of how nice area can be, do you know what the worst part of it is?  THIS ENTIRE STATE IS ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY LIBERAL.  This may be good for you if you yourself are liberal, however I doubt you’d appreciate the high cost of living here if you were one.  This state’s voting is skewed by those who need welfare, food stamps, and other government benefits.  I’m all for helping the poor, but I’m not a fan of paying for the lives of the lazy and un-working.  Studies show that 77% of welfare users abuse it.  These days, you can by lingerie, electronics, and other unnecessary items with “food stamps” or EBT.  Guess who pays for these things?  The California taxpayer.

California has the beautiful beaches, I’ll give it that.  You get tired of it real quickly.  I probably go 4 or 5 times a year at most and it’s not even enjoyable.

Here’s the worst part of ALL.  The taxes in this state are ridiculous.  I run an online wholesale business and I’ve gone as far as incorporating it in Nevada to avoid taxes.  I would make 30% less if I didn’t.  High taxes, high property costs, high cost of living?  Should I continue?  With the money I make running my own business, I could afford to get a mortgage, finance a car, and live a VERY decent life in Arizona or Nevada, but here in California I’d barely be able to afford a two-bedroom apartment.

Overall, I’ve laid it out for you.  California sucks.  I’m sure there are many disadvantages to living in other states, but not as much as the burden of this state.  Once I’m out of college, I’m moving the heck out of here.  In my next several posts, I will explain the advantages of living in other surrounding states compared to California.  I hope you as my readers can enjoy!

Please let me know you’re thoughts in the comments!  Please keep it civil.





2 thoughts on “California vs. Other States

  1. The reason why California has such hot real estate is because of the decent climate. The liberal atmosphere is because of all the immigrants coming to California. They agree with the accepting policies of the left. The high taxes are due to these liberal government programs. Now it’s just a matter of deciding between an equilibrium of government programs and taxes. How much is too much?

  2. I agree, the illegal immigration is a huge problem in California, one which causes economical and social problems. This con alone is a reason to leave California.

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