Why do bad things happen to good people?

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”  “Why did this happen to me?”                                                                                                    These are questions often considered by many when something doesn’t go their way.  I personally have been having a pretty rough week with a lot of things not going my way.  I received a detention for no reason, did poorly on my tests, and my teacher lost one of my labs, dropping my grade 6 percent.  Also, I had three golf tournaments in the last three days and I was not particularly happy with my performance.  Man am I exhausted.

Last week we began reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” in English class and so far it is a fantastic book.  One of the major themes exhibited through the book is closely related to bad things happening to good people.  The main character, Edmond Dantes, is a great guy.  He’s young, has just become captain of a prestigious ship, and is about to marry a beautiful women.  But he gets caught up with some bad people who are jealous and envious of him, causing him to be put in prison even though he is innocent.  We later learn that two of his friends who were also very “good” people have had miserable lives since Edmond was put in prison.  They are verging on bankrupt, living in poverty, and have lost their reputation.  But, the people who betrayed and framed him, have been extremely successful since he was put in prison and are now wealthy and powerful.  This caused me to think,” Why did all of these bad things happen to such good people?”

Although I have not finished reading the story, I predict that Edmond and his faithful friends will be rewarded for their deeds and his betrayers will get what they deserve.  If bad things happen to you, just remember that in the end your actions will be rewarded.



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