Esprit de corps

The book All Quiet on the Western Front follows a group of friends that enlist in the German Army during the World War I.  Throughout the war and the hardships they face they develop “esprit de corps.”  Esprit de corps represents comradeship and a strong bond between them as a result of the war.  

Esprit de corps often exists among troops who risk their lives to save others but should also exist among players on a team.  Being on a team requires comradeship and for everyone to get along and put their differences aside for one goal.  That’s why events like the Olympic games are so amazing.  The Olympics bring people from around the world together to compete and celebrate together, and rivals from different teams may end up on the same team representing their country.

Golf season is currently in full swing and our tournaments start in a couple weeks.  But, our team is lacking in comradeship and many of the players can’t seem to get along.  It could be a rough season if the division among us is not sorted out.  This week I’ve really appreciated learning about sprit de corps because I now realize how necessary it is to have comradeship among your team.



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