Google + EDU

Sorry that we haven’t been posting very much lately but we hope to start picking things back up.  Ryan, co-author of the blog, and I have started a new project called Google + EDU.  We have both previously written about Common Core Standards which are entering schools through the US.    If you haven’t heard of Common Core, check out the posts.  Anyway, with Common Core, all testing will be done online.  Because of this, schools have to buy all new computers, tablets, etc. for the testing process.  Our goal is to show the advantages of Google products and highlight how incredible Google innovations are for education.

This will be accomplished through a video created by us with the help of our school district and teachers.  During the video we will be demoing different google products.  When the video is completed, we will share it everywhere we can and hopefully we can make an impact on the education system.    Our social media is in progress but our website will be up shortly.  Stay tuned for updates, trailers, and our progress.



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