Is golf a sport?

Many people think that golf is not a sport and they have this vision in their head that every golfer is overweight, doesn’t work out, and just drinks beers all day.  But if you knew anything, you’d know that most professional golfers are extremely fit and workout daily.  Although it is not necessary to play the game, it has become a priority if you want to compete with all the hot shots like Tiger Woods.

tiger11Just like in any other sport, being fit improves your performance.  For golfers, strong legs, core, and arms means you can hit the ball farther, be more consistent, and prevent injury.   If you don’t believe me, watch this video which explains the importance of fitness on the PGA Tour.

Show this to your friends that don’ t think golf is a sport and remember, don’t listen to stereotypes and make judgments based on what other people think.



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