This is my first golf post in a while, I hope you guys enjoy!

Caddies.  They are the guys/gals that come up to you, take your clubs, offer you drinks, bring you your carts, and send you off onto the course.  You may like them, you may hate them.  Personally, I see them as walking money crunchers!

I was recently playing on vacation at a course and as I’m walking into the parking lot, a caddie came up to me and offered to take my clubs.  “No thanks,” I said, not wanting to tip the guy.  “Do you have a tee time?” he asks.  I told him yes, and then he insisted on taking my clubs.  “Ok…..” I say, letting him run off into the sunset with a dollar of mine and my golf bag.

So, one dollar lost already.  I get up to the pro shop, check in, and walk out to my cart.  Another caddie gives me a group to go out with and sends me out.  On the course the drink girl comes up, I order something, tip…..  I get breakfast, tip……

TIPS TIPS AND MORE TIPS.  I AM FIFTEEN I CANNOT AFFORD THIS!  What I like about my home course is that there is NO ONE THAT I HAVE TO TIP.  No caddies at all, at most there is a drink girl but I never see her.  I go out to these exotic courses and there are several employees fishing for my wallet!

Luckily I’m still a kid and sometimes I can get away with not tipping.  Don’t judge me I’m broke.

I’m going to say that line a million times on this blog.

One bad experience I had with a caddie really set me off.  I was driving a golf cart one time when the old fool came up to me, yelled at the top of his lungs and complained.  “DO YOU HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE?  NO YOU CANNOT BE DRIVING THIS CART!  GET OUT OF THE CART NOW!  GO!”

Well.  I had spoken to the folks in the pro shop and they assured me it was fine for me to drive a cart.  I’d done it a million times at this course.  My father brought an ice chest for drinks and the old fool of a caddie just threw it away, because it’s “not allowed” on the course.  This old fool yelled at me and threw away my expensive ice chest.

Guess who didn’t get a tip.

The wanna-be-rich type of caddies really piss me off.  You have no idea what I wanted to do to this guy after he yelled at me.  I came back to this course today and he was there.  He didn’t remember me, thank god, but I made sure to give him dirty looks and not tip him at all.

Even though he didn’t remember that specific incident involving the cart, he was still pretty hostile with me.  Maybe he just hates life.

Overall, I see caddies as walking money crunchers.  Try to conserve on tips where you can!

Have fun, and play well!                                                     -Ryan


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