The Worst Kind of Putt

Putting has to be the most frustrating part of golf.  Missing a short putt can make you extremely angry and making a long putt can brighten up your day.  But even more frustrating then anything else is leaving a putt short which would have gone in.  “The WORST kind of putts are short.

When putting, you should always hit your ball past the hole so that it at least has a chance to go in the hole.  Nothing is worse than knowing that you would have made it if you hit the ball a little bit harder.  Earlier this week I had a 40 foot eagle putt and I left it 3 inches short on the edge of the cup.  If i hit it a little bit harder it would have gone in.  That putt haunted me for the rest of the round.

Remember, when in doubt, always give your putts a little more power.

It’s like not studying for a test and expecting to get an A.  Study the curriculum so that at least you have a chance.  Push yourself, have confidence in your stroke.



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