Reasons to play golf

As a golfer I think that golf is one of the greatest sports to play for many reasons.  Most people never play golf because they think it’s stupid but it’s actually an amazing sport for many reasons.

1. Beautiful courses

You can play golf almost anywhere because in every place (with descent weather) there is a golf course.  Golf courses are generally extremely beautiful and every time you play a new course it’s a new experience.  Playing at professional courses and country clubs wherever I go has been a great experience and has exposed me to stunning views and created memories I will never forget.


2. Life sport

Golf is one of the only sports that you can play for most of your life because it does not require prime physical condition.  Anyone can play golf and it does not require the person to be extremely fit and in good shape.  Many older people take up golf because it is easy.

3. High School/College

Golf is a great sport to pick up during middle school and high school because it is not as competitive as the other sports.  If you start playing before high school and work hard, you are almost guaranteed a spot on your high school team.  If you work hard and practice, practice, practice, you may even get a scholarship to play golf in college.  Golf is one of the easiest sports to get a scholarship for because there are not as many people.

In conclusion, golf is a great sport for many reasons.  Golf is one of the only sports that will stick with you your entire life and you will get to experience amazing things.  Through the best of times and the worst of times, golf will be there to pick you back up.  Every adult I’ve spoken to tells me that they wished they played golf when they were my age.  Countless times people have told me, “Wow, you’re so lucky that you started so young.  I wish that I played golf in high school.”  Give golf a shot and you may be surprised at how enjoyable it can be.

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