Rebuttal to: Common Core

Common core, according to Jesse, a co-author of this blog, “is a new set of standards for teaching and education that is supposed to better prepare students for college and the future.”  People seem to think Common Core is a great new idea, that will allow for education to blossom and improve.  Personally, I think it’s crap.

Common Core is a federally funded program that is supposed to standardize education curriculum and allow for students to test their strengths.  What is it really?  An attempt by the government to make everyone learn the same thing.  With Common Core, teachers will lose their ability to instruct in their own style, as they are being forced to “teach the test.”  This new system is wasting billions in federal tax dollars and does almost nothing to improve on the student.

You may be wondering why so many districts and states have adopted Common Core.  The answer is not that they like it, it’s the fact that they are getting millions in extra education funds due to it.  This is an upside of the new program, but the cons far outweigh any amount of money distributed.

Common Core will affect teaching styles, tax dollars, district efficiency, student freedom, and more.  There is no accountability to how the federal money will be spent, and corrupt districts could misuse it.  It wastes time reforming standardized testing.  How does it hurt the student?  I’ll tell you.


With Common Core in effect, liberals in denial (all of them) will believe that all of the public schools in the nation are performing to national standards.  This will leave the underperforming schools struggling to get by without any help.  Even though many of the liberals will realize this, they will do absolutely nothing so they can prove a point to conservatives, about how “great Common Core is.”  When teachers “teach the test” the students don’t learn as well, and the critical examinations only place further burden on them.

Overall, Common Core is a terrible idea that hurts everyone involved in the public education system.  Teachers, students, staff, and even parents are affected.  If anyone thinks that Common Core will actually work, then they’re either uninformed or uneducated.



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