Important Putting Tips

Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference.  For the French Monarchy during the French Revolution, they learned the hard way that treating the peasants badly would cause a huge impact on France.  For putting, there are two minor tips that can transform your putting and help you make more putts.

Tip 1:

As you putt the ball, keep your head down pointing where the ball was before you hit it.  Tiger Woods uses this tip  urged the exaggeration as to not look up at the hole until you hear the ball fall into the cup.  Keeping your head still will ensure a smooth stroke and straight path rather than anxiously looking up at the hole to see where your ball went even before you hit it.  This could cause your shoulders to open or your head to pick up making your path off and contact unsolid.  

Tip 2:

When you take practice swings before your putt, stare at the hole instead of down at your ball.  This will help your body imagine how far the putt is and how far you need to hit it.  Staring down at your ball does nothing to help you decide the size of your stroke.  Staring at the hole will help your body work together and become synchronized so that when you do hit the ball it will be the same as your practice swings.  I also like to imagine the ball rolling down the line of my choosing.  Imagine the break and paint the line with your eyes so you can visualize exactly what the ball will do.  Finally, commit yourself to the line that you have chosen and don’t second guess yourself.  If it isn’t the putt that you wanted, don’t worry about it because you did the best that you could.  Shake it off.

I hope these tips help



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