Golfing on the Cheap

Let’s face it, golf is an expensive sport.  The cost of a decent set of clubs can easily run into the thousands, green fees are super expensive, and even the clothing can run up a bill.  Personally, as a super cheap teenager that has no money, I have to improvise and find ways to save while playing the world’s most expensive sport.

I’m at the golf course every day, and I see an array of people that have the most up-to-date equipment, expensive golf style clothing, and a $50 tee time.  Well.  I’d bet another thing they have is an empty wallet!!  What I don’t understand is why people spend so much money on golf when it is definitely not a necessity.  Unless you compete for a team, like me, you shouldn’t be wasting all of your money on golf when it can go toward groceries, your mortgage, and many other more important things. Continue reading


The Worst Kind of Putt

Putting has to be the most frustrating part of golf.  Missing a short putt can make you extremely angry and making a long putt can brighten up your day.  But even more frustrating then anything else is leaving a putt short which would have gone in.  “The WORST kind of putts are short.

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Reasons to play golf

As a golfer I think that golf is one of the greatest sports to play for many reasons.  Most people never play golf because they think it’s stupid but it’s actually an amazing sport for many reasons.

1. Beautiful courses

You can play golf almost anywhere because in every place (with descent weather) there is a golf course.  Golf courses are generally extremely beautiful and every time you play a new course it’s a new experience.  Playing at professional courses and country clubs wherever I go has been a great experience and has exposed me to stunning views and created memories I will never forget.

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Rebuttal to: Common Core

Common core, according to Jesse, a co-author of this blog, “is a new set of standards for teaching and education that is supposed to better prepare students for college and the future.”  People seem to think Common Core is a great new idea, that will allow for education to blossom and improve.  Personally, I think it’s crap. Continue reading