Common Core

As you may know, the new teaching style known as common core is being implemented in schools across the United States as we speak.  Common core is a new set of standards for teaching and education that is supposed to better prepare students for college and the future.  It is focused more on mastering skills and working through problems rather than memorization.  This new set of standards will be tested not by multiple choice, but by writing and explaining.  As a sophomore in high school, I think that this new set of standards is much better than multiple choice because it gives students the opportunity to shine and show if they really know the right answer or not.  It will definitely create a barrier between those who get the concepts and those who don’t.

Because of this new test taking method, many school districts are having to buy new computers or tablets to adapt to future learning.  These school districts have to make a tough decision in picking which company they want to buy their products from.  Two of the biggest companies fighting for the best products in education are Google and Apple.

Although apple started out strong and grabbed lots of peoples’ attention with their iPads and endless app store, they have slowly started to lose their superiority to Google and their chrome books.  Google has slowly caught up with apple and will soon surpass them due to their significantly lower prices.  Their chrome books are better than i pads because of their key boards and thin, light build.  The race is on!



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