Best Putting Drill

Putting can be a pain in the butt and it is always extremely frustrating when you miss those short putts or lip out birdies.  I’m always struggling with my putting and I decided to create a list with what I think to be the most useful putting drill.

The gate drill

The gate drill is one of Tiger Woods’ favorite putting drills and helps tremendously with your putting stroke and alignment.

Three feet from the hole you place two tees in the ground that are just outside the heel and toe, forming a gate for the putter head (make sure the gate is aligned with the hole.)  Hit as many balls as you would like until you start to make many in a row.  On these putts it is extremely critical to keep the putter head moving straight back and through.  The meaning of this drill is to ensure the straight back and through motion because if your putter veers a little bit off course it will crash into one of the tees.  Make sure to take your time and go through you pre-shot routine.  Our English teacher told us that he purposely makes his test challenging so that he can easily divide the strong from the week.  He said that if a person can get 100 percent on a test than it is not a proper test and not challenging enough.  So remember that when you practice, it shouldn’t be eaasy, keep practicing until you can easily make 50 in a row.  WORK HARD and challenge yourself!!  I hope this helps.



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