One of the things often overlooked in a round of golf is creativity.  Some days nothing will go your way and you’ll be caught in some interesting situations.  There isn’t one golfer that hasn’t been stuck against the fence or in the long grass, or even gotten their ball stuck in a tree.  Sometimes there is no good way to hit your next shot and you have to be creative and think of a solution to best hit your ball.

Those darn bunkers really know how to eat up your ball in nasty ways.  I personally have tried many different techniques to hit these shots and I can never hit a good shot.  One of the most amazing shots I’ve ever seen was Bubba Watson’s par 4 2nd shot on the 2nd playoff hole of the 2012 Masters.  He hit his tee shot into the woods and had a 163 yards left to the hole.  The only opening was pointed way left of the green so Bubba had to get creative.  He decided to play risky and hit an amazing 45 yard hook.  His skills, creativity, and intuition allowed him to win the masters because of that one shot.



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