Recently, there have been many issues in Washington that have captivated Americans beyond reprieve.  With our government shut down and the new “Affordable Care Act” in place, Capitol Hill has been in a maze trying to push political beliefs while adhering to the wishes of their constituency.  Overall, this recent disaster has left many Americans popping the age-old question: Is Congress doing an effective job?  Here’s my input.

ImageWelcome to the first edition of Carr and Order.

October 1, 2013 marked a day that rocked the 21st Century.  That was the day that the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, rolled out and the government shut down.  Partisan leaders could not come to a consensus over Obamacare and the budget, henceforth the federal government was terminated.  Stock markets and the global economy dived, federal services halted, and more than 800,000 civil servants couldn’t go to work.  This shutdown was somewhat of a “last stand” for Republicans, who wanted to use this opportunity to defund and abolish Obamacare, yet it was completely avoidable.

What did Republicans gain from the government shutdown?  Almost nothing.  “Republicans have lost their spines!” said a friend of mine; and it’s true!  Weeks of shutdown and the Republicans gave into the wishes of the Democratic Party.  They were afraid of doing what is right for the people of this nation because they believed they’d lose voter approval.  This foolish move by the Republicans will set them back for years to come.

Let me explain why Obamacare is a terrible, flawed bill that will destroy our way of life.  The US economy is in shatters, with high unemployment and a $17 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT.  We, as a nation, cannot afford to pay for something like unified healthcare, especially when Americans need to get back to work.

ImageWhat does Obamacare do for the average Californian?  It raises their premiums almost 200%.  That’s right.  Families who want to get “affordable care” now have to pay TWICE that of what they used to.  The online health “exchanges” which people use to get covered are deeply flawed and are extremely vulnerable, with a potential to expose your valuable private health information to hackers and other malicious individuals.  Obamacare unconstitutionally forces Americans to buy their insurance, or imposes a substantial fine that no American can afford in these unsightly times.  Most importantly, now that all full-time employers are required to provide insurance for their workers, they are cutting their hours and reducing their pay! Here’s an analogy.  Imagine you are working full time at Best Buy, and Obamacare just rolled out.  You get a memo that you will now be working 25 hours a week instead of 40, because of the Obamacare employer mandate.  There goes your salary, your mortgage, and your ability to feed your family.

Many Americans had the belief that Obamacare would be “free” for all Americans, and that’s why many approved.  Ha ha ha. Now that the people have hit their “buyer’s remorse,” the approval rating of this Affordable Care Act has dropped sharply. More than half of Americans are against Obamacare, yet Democrats still push it.

Government healthcare is deeply flawed.  Look at the Veterans Affairs healthcare, where our troops need to wait weeks and even months to get an appointment in with a doctor.  Canada, which has universal healthcare, has the exact same problem. Imagine waiting  months for surgery when you are given weeks to live.

With Obamacare, comes supporting the poor.  I am all for that, but you know what I’m against?  Supporting the lazy and the people who come to this country illegally.  These days, one could live in government housing, get a government “lifeline” cell phone, use food stamps, receive welfare, and much much more without lifting a finger!  Obamacare will support these individuals and give them healthcare for NEXT TO NOTHING while the hardworking American is forced to pay 200+% just to cover their family!!  People who come to this country illegally don’t pay taxes, many don’t work, and they contribute to a growing problem and we will have to pay for their healthcare!  Personally, my family will have to pay $600 more a month to get covered if our current plans are dropped, and we are paying for them?  That is ridiculous.


Republicans fought to end this travesty of Obamacare, yet I abhor at their performance as politicians and representatives of the people.  Now that it has rolled out, the deeply flawed exchange needs a multi-million dollar revision, even though more than $400 million has been spent on it already.  Obamacare is going to cost this nation more than a trillion dollars, and that is not even in the long run.  Republicans need to get their act together and defend the greatness of our nation, and abolishing Obamacare should be their #1 concern.

In summary, the Affordable Care Act is an idea not ready for deployment, and our political leaders need to listen to the people and understand that.

Thanks for reading!



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