Hapiness and Golf, a Connection?

Have any of you had a bad day in the past few weeks?  I know I have!

Just a few weeks ago, I had come home about to go play a round of golf with the three other authors of this blog, when a progress report came home from my school.  It was the beginning of the year, and I hadn’t gotten a very good start in my math class.  I’m not going to get into detail on this,  but the fact that I saw the terrible grade on my progress report ruined my day!

That same day, Jesse, Ian, Chris, and I went out and played a round at our local course.  Not being my usual happy and diligent self, I achieved my worst score ever!

Me taking a shot that hit the fence and rolled right back to me!

Me taking a shot that hit the fence and rolled right back to me!

Now if you understand what happened in the photo to the left, you can tell that I was not doing very well.  Performing so terribly that day I went home thinking about ways to improve my score.  Throughout the week, since I wasn’t very happy with myself, my game was affected just as much.  Then the miraculous happened!

I had just finished a quiz in my math class in which I was underperforming in, and I believed that I scored an A+ on it!  My grade was saved, I thought.  I went to play with the rest of my team that day and one heck of a storm was pouring.  Everyone was struggling to keep their average scores in the chaos, but what do you know, I achieved my best score ever!

Turns out I got a C on that quiz.  Woo.

Overall, there is a motif buried in this story here: that your feelings and emotions affect the things around you in life.  On a bad day, I shot my worst score ever.  On a good day, IN THE RAIN, I had actually done the best ever!

Just another reason why the game of golf = life.

Remember to be happy folks, and you’ll excel in the things most important in life!

By the way, even on the day I shot my worst score ever, I still beat Ian!!



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